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September 26, 2006:
A new member of our family: Jamie.


Brijn ???

My mother came up with Bas RIJNiersce. When pronounced in Dutch, brijn is brein, meaning brain :-) Friends later took it over as a nickname as well


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Another new design. In 2003 I complained that the site was never updated and that it was time for another design. Three years laters, same thing, hasn't been updated in years. So this site will be completely static, should be OK for the next ten years :-)

Jamie en RobinWhat you will find on this website is some information about who we are, where we live and what we like.

The image on top

The image in the header is a panorama I shot in the Tantalus range near Squamish. The mountain just right of the middle is Alpha. I took the picture during a climbing course I took.


The layout is taken from Open Source Web Design, have a look there if you want redo your site.

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