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September 26, 2006:
A new member of our family: Jamie.



There used to be a separate and They are now one site.


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(November 19, 2006)

The Brijn . Nu children

I have owned the domain since 1999. Since it's running on my own server, I host several webpages for other people. The sites don't get a lot of traffic. On average two requests per minute (the red line). Traffic history

Below is the list of all the sub sites.

The Canada weblog

On Canablog we blog about our live in Canada. If you browse back you will see that we immigrated from The Netherlands in July 2005.


Our primary site for storing the pictures we make with our large collection of camera's :-)

The Trail Repository

At the Trail Repository I am providing a database driven website to store and search hikes. Functionality includes up-and download of GPS routes, plotting of routes on maps and searching based on many criteria.

Kees Rijniersce

The homepage of my father. Containing some software he has written for his big hobby, sailing

Ivo Rijniersce

The homepage of my brother. Contains personal info and a lot of picture from his favorite hobby: auto racing (mostly rally)

Micha Muller

Homepage of a study friend. Contains some chemistry info, the study we shared.